Mission: To help Micro Businesses prosper and grow by providing accurate, up to date figures to aid decision making and identify issues early.



We aim to be approachable, straightforward and jargon free, whilst still remaining professional and efficient.


Micro Businesses are all businesses from start ups and “one man bands” through to 10 or more employees. Whilst this is our target market, no business is too big or too small.


Three Shires Bookkeeping was set up in September 2011 by Richard Smith. See his statement below.


“ I came to set up Three Shires bookkeeping after 15 years in banking, various roles as Finance Manager, self employment and Business Consultancy.


As a Business Manager at a bank I’d ask for regular figures to assess a businesses performance and couldn’t understand why this sometimes seemed to be a problem.


In my roles as a Finance Manager I realised how much work was involved in getting the figures together and packaging them up into a neat summary.


As a business consultant, the two main areas that came up for discussion were finances and marketing.


I know about marketing in the same way I know about cars. I know what's built for comfort, speed, or off road. I know which pedals and buttons to press to make them do what I want. I think I’m quite a good driver but if it breaks, I need a mechanic.


Finances on the other hand, I get. I can strip them down and build them up. I know where they come from, what they mean and how they impact on a business. I know how hard it can be to get the figures together to make an informed decision or to keep the bank manager happy.


So I started Three Shires Bookkeeping to help business owners and managers save time, remove stress, provide peace of mind and let them get on with running the business.


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